Apple Fritter – Mariano’s

Grocery shopping is an interesting concept. Some people (like me) have a game plan going into the store with a list and (mostly) stick to it. Others roam around and get inspired as they shop (not me). Although I'm usually pretty good at sticking to my list, sometimes the bakery section calls my name and… Continue reading Apple Fritter – Mariano’s

Old Fashioned

Raspberry Lemonade Old-Fashioned – Doughnut Vault

There’s a new location to buy donuts from Doughnut Vault! The newly opened Astor Hall is located on the fifth and sixth floors of 900 N. Michigan. AKA the Bloomingdale's building. This fancy food hall is a great spot for lunch while shopping on the magnificent mile or for an after-work treat. Located in the… Continue reading Raspberry Lemonade Old-Fashioned – Doughnut Vault

Old Fashioned

Old-Fashioned Donut Holes – Ballast Point

On a snowy Saturday in Chicago, my friends and I made our way to Ballast Point's Chicago tasting room. Located in the West Loop, this was the first time I had visited this brewery. What I liked most about Ballast Point is that they had a wide variety of beers (their website says 40+ beers… Continue reading Old-Fashioned Donut Holes – Ballast Point

Raised (yeast) Donut

Strawberry Glazed – Stan’s

Since I was a child, I've always loved strawberries. It's one of my favorite fruits to buy from the farmers market. They're so much better than what the supermarkets sell (ugh, I know that sounds so pretentious, sorry). They truly are little berries bursting with a sweet flavor. I love them in salads and have… Continue reading Strawberry Glazed – Stan’s


Donas con Chocolate – Bar Sotano

Located underneath Xoco in the River North neighborhood of Chicago is a wonderful mezcal bar named Bar Sotano. Developed by Rick Bayless's daughter Lanie, this new'ish spot (it opened in the fall of 2018) can be entered from the alley behind Xoco (and next to one of Chicago's favorite tiki bars, 3 Dots and a… Continue reading Donas con Chocolate – Bar Sotano


Krispy Kreme Flavored Jelly Belly

It's almost Easter, which means it's jelly bean season! I love Easter treats (it might be my favorite holiday candy) like peeps, but jelly beans are a close second. While my #1 is Starburst jelly beans, Jelly Belly is nothing to laugh about. But what about donut flavored jelly beans? Krispy Kream partnered with Jelly… Continue reading Krispy Kreme Flavored Jelly Belly